Unique worldwide, hybrid sailing with LM-Hybrid!

Lifestyle Marine presents LM-Hybrid

A unique concept to enable emission-free pleasure boating in combination with inboard drives from the range.

The electric mode allows access to emission-free zones, such as nature reserves and inner cities, and also offers silent and comfortable sailing trips. The LM-Hybrid system ensures that Lifestyle Marine’s range of boats continues to have access to the low- and zero-emission zones that are expected to be further introduced in the coming years.

The technology is based on an electric POD drive integrated into a unique and innovative rudder blade. This makes LM-Hybrid an affordable solution that is available for all inboard tenders from the Lifestyle Marine line.

With the LM-Hybrid system, Lifestyle Marine offers a flexible and affordable solution that allows the sloop sailor to maintain both range and access to emission-free zones. Because our electric drive system is integrated into the rudder blade via POD drive, the sailing characteristics remain optimal, even when sailing fully electrically.

How it works; the electric motor is supported by scalable Lithium battery packs. These battery packs are charged via a shore power connection and hydrogeneration. When the propeller of the POD drive rotates due to current (or propulsion via a combustion engine), hydrogeneration occurs and the battery will charge. In terms of operation, the driver uses the dashboard, which is linked to the primary diesel drive, as well as a remote control with integrated display for the electric motor, which monitors the real-time engine and battery status. LM-Hybrid will be available from 2024.

Lifestyle Marine presents LM-Hybrid

  • Unique worldwide!
  • Electric drive system
  • Affordable solution for access to zero-emission zones
  • Cost saving

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