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Lifestyle 650 Tender

The Lifestyle 650 Tender is a sporty tender sloop with an outboard motor placed in the bun. This tender has a fast underwater ship, which makes planing possible with heavier engines. The generous swimming platform makes it easier to get in and out of the water when swimming. The characteristic steps next to the engine compartment of the boat are also an ideal aid. A removable sundeck is included as standard, which can easily be placed between the comfortable round seat. The boat offers enough space to sail with 8 people.


Lengte: 650cm

Breedte: 245cm

Diepgang: 55cm

Gewicht: 800kg

Doorvaarthoogte: 120cm

Max. vermogen: 115pk

Aantal personen: 8

Motorisering: Buitenboordmotor in bun

Max. snelheid: 45km/h

About the Lifestyle 650 Tender

Enjoy the water, swim, moor in beautiful places: this spacious sloop is the ideal boat for wonderful days out with about eight people. The Lifestyle 650 Tender is a sporty sloop with an outboard motor placed in the bun. This tender has a fast-sailing underwater hull, which makes planing possible with heavier engines. This unique underwater hull also ensures steady sailing characteristics for larger groups. The optimal width increases the initial stability of the boat. The generous swimming platform provides easy access to the boat.

Special features

  • The standard equipment also includes a removable sundeck that can easily be placed between the round seat.
  • There are spacious storage compartments under each seat.
  • Homegrown brand and only use of high-quality materials, which increases the lifespan of your Lifestyle 650 Tender.

Compose the Lifestyle 650 Tender completely according to your wishes

You can completely customize Lifestyle Marine’s sloops and tenders: from the colours of the hull to the motorization and accessories. With the extensive options, we work together to create the boating experience that suits your lifestyle! For example, you can equip the Lifestyle 650 Tender with a chemical toilet and a summer hood with zip-out front windows. In addition, fast sailing and electric sailing are also possible.

Default options of the Lifestyle 650 Tender

  • Luxury RVS steering wheel
  • Sundeck
  • Diamante upholstery (diamond)
  • RVS cleats (6x)
  • RVS railing
  • RVS swimming ladder
  • HPL teakline cockpit, swimming platform
  • Klasse C


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Configurate your Lifestyle 650 Tender now

Choose your engine *

Mercury F25 EFI EL  5.609,00
Mercury F30 EFI EL GA  6.686,00
Mercury F40 EFI EL GA  8.327,00
Mercury F50 EFI ELPT  8.827,00
Mercury F60 EFI ELPT  9.884,00
Mercury F80 ELPT  13.657,00
Mercury F100 ELPT  15.663,00
Mercury F115 ELPT  16.725,00
Motormontage t/m 30PK v.a.  1.250,00
Motormontage vanaf 40PK v.a.  1.500,00
Motormontage vanaf 80PK v.a.  1.750,00
Boegschroef met joystick bediening  2.650,00
Elektrische aandrijving op aanvraag  0,00

Choose your floor *

HPL Teakline kuipvloer en zwemplateau Geen meerprijs
Permateak kuipvloer en zwemplateau  3.450,00

Choose your convertible top

Cabrioletkap | RVS frames, achterkleed en opberghoes  2.550,00
Zomerkap (alle voorramen uitritsbaar)  400,00
Biminitop | RVS frames en opberghoes  1.300,00

Choose your outer shell color *

Buitenschaal - Crème wit (RAL9001) Geen meerprijs
Buitenschaal - Helder wit (RAL9010) Geen meerprijs
Buitenschaal - Grafiet zwart (RAL9011) Geen meerprijs
Buitenschaal - Steengrijs (RAL7030) Geen meerprijs
Buitenschaal - Zwartblauw (RAL5004) Geen meerprijs

Choose your inner shell color *

Binnenschaal - Crème wit (RAL9001) Geen meerprijs
Binnenschaal - Helder wit (RAL9010) Geen meerprijs
Binnenschaal - Grafiet zwart (RAL9011) Geen meerprijs
Binnenschaal - Steengrijs (RAL7030) Geen meerprijs
Binnenschaal - Zwartblauw (RAL5004) Geen meerprijs
Binnenschaal - Pastelblauw (RAL5024) Geen meerprijs

Kies je standaard diamante bekleding | stansruit

Diamant Otono Geen meerprijs
Diamant Sunset Geen meerprijs
Diamant Carbon Geen meerprijs
Diamant Taupe Geen meerprijs
Diamant Pepper Geen meerprijs

Kies je luxe diamante bekleding gewatteerd | handwerk

Diamant Otono  850,00
Diamant Sunset  850,00
Diamant Carbon  850,00
Diamant Taupe  850,00
Diamant Pepper  850,00

Choose your cable fender color

Kabelaring hennep  500,00
Kabelaring zwart  500,00

Choose your comfort on board

Armsteun met RVS bekerhouders  200,00
Uitneembare tafel  515,00
Lifestyle buitenkussens | 4 x  230,00
Lifestyle hammamdoeken (vanaf maart leverbaar)  0,00
Lifestyle toilettas  0,00
Lifestyle drinkbeker RVS  27,50

Choose your equipment

Koelkast  1.550,00
12 volt aansluiting  150,00
USB aansluiting  150,00
Navigatieverlichting met toplicht  450,00

Choose your accessories

Chemisch toilet  200,00
Brandblusser  100,00
Aanmeerpakket | fenders  200,00
Buitenboordmotorslot SCM gekeurd  125,00
Doublelock beveiligingkabel VbV gekeurd  165,00
RVS fenderhaak | 2 x  40,00


Antifouling | af fabriek  950,00

Service *

Transportkosten v.a.  450,00
Product price:  24.550,00
Total options:
Order total:

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