Unique worldwide, hybrid sailing with LM-Hybrid!

Unique in the Netherlands, hybrid sailing with LM-Hybrid!

Lifestyle Marine unveils the LM-Hybrid system. “We are the first in the world to offer a flexible and affordable solution that allows the sloop sailor to maintain both range and access to emission-free zones. Because our electric drive system is integrated into the rudder blade via POD drive, the sailing characteristics remain optimal, even when sailing fully electrically.”

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About Lifestyle Marine
From design to construction and from advice to delivery: at Lifestyle Marine a network of professionals will work for you. This beautiful home-grown brand only uses high-quality materials, which increases the lifespan of the boats. With the CE quality mark, we also meet European requirements regarding safety, health and environment. With Lifestyle Marine sloops and tenders you are assured of wonderful days out on the water and a boat for life.

Compose entirely according to your own wishes
The colours of the hull, cushions, motorization and accessories: you can completely customize all our sloops and tenders yourself. Together we provide the boating experience that suits your lifestyle! The entire Lifestyle Marine line is designed and hand-built by a team of professionals with over 20 years of experience.

About our range
Lifestyle Marine has a large and diverse range of luxury sloops and tenders. Every boat has its own unique features and benefits. You can compose the models yourself and there is a wide choice of options for convertible tops, upholstery and motorization. Together we provide the unique boating experience that suits you!

Want to know more about the possibilities? Contact one of our knowledgeable dealers and they will be happy to provide you with advice.

Our Models

Because of the unique features and extra options of this cabin, this boat is ideal for longer trips and to spend the night on board. LM-Hybrid is also possible, a
The latest model in the Lifestyle Marine range is the 780 Tender. This tender has a spacious swimming platform and extra comfortable seats. The sophisticated underwater ship ensures optimized sailing

The Lifestyle 750 Tender, with its sleek lines and contemporary design, is a pleasure to see on the water.

The Lifestyle 740 XL is the flagship within the Lifestyle Marine series. The Lifestyle signature model has a sturdy

De Lifestyle 700 Tender combineert klassieke overnaadse belijningen met een moderne tender sloep. De oogstrelende belijningen van deze tender samen met uitstekende vaareigenschappen maken deze boot tot een van de
The Lifestyle 700 Tender combines classic clinker lines with a modern tender sloop. The eye-catching lines of this tender together with excellent sailing characteristics make this boat one of the

The Lifestyle 650 Tender is a sporty tender sloop with an outboard motor placed in the bun. This tender

The Lifestyle 616 Tender is a modern tender with the right looks and sublime sailing characteristics. This tender offers

The Lifestyle 606 Tender is a modern tender with the right looks and sublime sailing characteristics. This tender offers

The Lifestyle 600 Tender is a modern tender sloop with the right looks and sublime sailing characteristics. With its

The Lifestyle 570 Tender is the most compact and affordable inboard sloop in the Lifestyle Marine line. This tender

The Lifestyle 530 Comfort combines clinker lines with a sporty appearance. The model can be equipped with a maximum

The Lifestyle 495 Comfort is the most compact model in the Lifestyle Marine series. The clinker lines and light

Lifestyle Marine Highlights

The Leading Water Sports Event in the Netherlands! For water sports enthusiasts, Boot Holland offers an extensive range of boats like never before! Discover a

Lifestyle Marine only works with the very best dealers in the Netherlands and Europe. All our dealers have their own workshop where they provide maintenance

A unique concept to enable emission-free pleasure boating in combination with inboard drives from the range. The electric mode allows access to emission-free zones, such

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Lifestyle 600 Tender

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Lifestyle 818 Tender

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